We have recognized the luxury home experts in seven categories.If you are planning to build a new home or addition, remodel a kitchen or bath, or spruce up your landscaping, make sure you get an expert opinion from one of these Local Leaders.

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If you are building or renovating a home, or remodeling a kitchen or bath and want tips or a recommendation, you can get free expert advice and contact names of the best service providers in your area from Stephen Moylan, president of Local Leaders. If you wish to receive an informational email or set up a conference call to review our list of leading home experts, click here.

Local Leaders Talk

Meet the Leaders

Architectural Harmony
Designer Doors preaches architectural harmony by creating a door design that works with the architecture of the home. Not only does the company do doors, ..... View Video...

Inside Delia's Viking Showroom
Delia's new Viking Center showroom in Westwood, Mass. is an innovative, and personal experience for those looking to create a beautiful kitchen. It is a perfect way to visualize how a concept will actually look after completion.... View Video...

NECN Dream Home: Art Influenced Boston Apartment
This week’s Home of the Week is a Boston apartment with a strong influence of art and style. When current owner Steve Williams and his partner were thinking of moving in, a neighbor said, “You don’t want to live in that apartment; it will never be nice.”....... View Video...

NECN Dream Home: Harvard, Mass. With Joe Luna
The owners of this Harvard, Mass. home lived on the property for more than 20 years before they decided to tear it down and build a new one. Architect and recognized Local Leader Joe Luna designed the home to look like....... View Video...

The Benefits of Online Advertising: with Stephen Moylan
Today, more and more customers are moving online. The web offers a more efficient way to reach your target audience. According to eMarketer, 188 million people were online last year in the US, up from just 70 million 10 years ago... View Video...

Home Building Advice with Lee Dellicker: Hire Your Team Carefully
Put your team together based on trust and chemistry. There are a lot of good builders out there but chemistry is key... View Video...

Building and Remodeling Advice with Stefanos Efstratoudakis: Be Bold and Fearless: Construction is a very dynamic thing, and if you go with someone who knows what they are doing, the fear factor is out of the equation. Also, make sure you like your builder.... View Video...

Building & Architecture Advice from Kent Duckham: Know Your Community's Limitations
Find out what your local zoning ordinances are in advance as to avoid problems. Do your homework and prepare yourself for a successful project.... View Video...

Kitchen and Bath Advice from Mariette Barsoum for Turning Challeneges into Triumph:
Be honest with your designer. Let them know exactly what is going on and what you want done. Also, make sure to invest in a quality product so you only have to do it once... View Video...

Building Advice from Joe Luna: Build Your Dream
The most important thing is balancing your expectations with your expenses. With a project, figure out what you want and we will come up with the best solution possible. Also, enjoy the process, and don’t go in with any preconceptions. Click here to see a home with an airplane hangar build in it...View Video...


Recent $1M+ Sales in Your Area

  • $16M - Brookline, MA
  • $15M - Edgartown, MA
  • $14.8M - North Andover, MA
  • $11M - Manchester, MA
  • $10.7M - Nantucket, MA
  • $9M - Osterville, MA
  • $8M - Mashpee, MA
  • $7.5M - Chilmark, MA
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