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Today, more and more customers are moving online. The web offers a more efficient way to reach your target audience. According to eMarketer, 188 million people were online last year in the US, up from just 70 million 10 years ago. This massive shift shows that now is the time to move your media and marketing online.

Online Ad Revenue Continues To Soar

The average cost per acquisition for a web search is $8, significantly lower than any other medium out there. But when it comes to online advertising, the best part is that you only pay for users to actually see your message. When an ad is placed in print, radio, or television, there is virtually no way to tell how many people viewed it. But with web advertising, you can track exactly how many people not only viewed it, but clicked on it as well.

Average cost per customer acquisition

The final point to be made is that when an ad is placed online, it can be changed, and quickly. With other forms of advertising, once it is out there, its gone. But with the web, you can make changes and adjustments to suit your product or service as you go. View the video to see how you can change your marketing mix.