Beating the Heat Outdoors

Though the oppressive heat has shied away as of late, it doesn’t mean it’s gone for good; nor does it mean that you couldn’t use some cooling off during the 80-degree dog days of summer. This Old House has put together a list of some outdoor cooling options, starting with a high-velocity blower fan, which can start at as low as $30. These fans have rugged housing that allows its blades to rotate at fast speeds for a powerful outdoor breeze. Plus, with a built-in ground-fault circuit interrupter, it is safe to use outside. The next, less common item on the list is an evaporative cooler that draws in hot air and chills it by blowing it through a wet filter or pad. These coolers, which can start at around $159, need fresh, dry air to work efficiently, so the article suggest to leave two feet of clearance on all sides to prevent cooled air from recirculating. To read the rest of the items on the list, click here.