Seven fall blooming perennials

This Old House has put together a list of seven perennials to plant in your garden after the summer flowers are gone, and has even provided a chart that lists where the plants are best suited to grow. First up are white snakeroot flowers, which are long-lasting white flower heads in loose, flattened clusters on brown stems. These flowers grow up to six feet tall and can be grown in medium-wet to wet well-drained soils in full sun to partial shade. White snakeroots are hardy up to -30 degrees F and are best suited in zones 4 to 9. (New England is zones 9 and 10.) For a perennial of a different color, yellow waxbells offer arching purplish stems with oval green leaves and pale yellow flowers. These can grow from two to four feet and enjoy moist, acidic soil in part to full shade. These flowers, which are hardy to -20 degrees F, are suited for zones 5 to 8. Continue reading the list by clicking here.