10 Unique Household Projects Found on Kickstarter

While many of the projects or products on Kickstarter may never see the light of day, or even reach funding for that matter, there is no shortage of interesting ideas floating around. Yahoo Homes has put together a list of some of their favorite household projects on Kickstarter, beginning with a bed you don’t need to make. The creators of Smart Bedding, who reached their funding goal, estimate you’ll save a month of your life with their product, which involves snaps that attach the comforter to the sheet. While it sounds like something you can do at home, the project’s co-founder suggests that it’s more difficult than it might appear. What about a solar-powered grill called SolSource? The grill, originally developed to help rural Himalayan families, runs on the sun instead of costly fuel. Check out the rest of the list from Yahoo Homes by clicking here.